Washington MUST support this Balanced Budget Amendment [out of date]

It’s time for Washington to get the message: they have a spending problem. H.J.Res.1, a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution will rein in spending while keeping taxes low. Our country needs to ensure big-spending in Washington do not get another chance to bring our country to the brink of bankruptcy.

49 states have some kind of constitutional amendment requiring them to balance their budget every year. If the states are required to live within their means, then the federal government – which derives its funds from the citizens in those states – should be required to live within its means as well. According to the Heritage Foundation:

Congress must get spending under control in the long term. America cannot raise taxes to continue overspending, because tax hikes shrink our economy and grow our government. America cannot borrow more to continue overspending, because borrowing puts an enormous financial burden on the American children of tomorrow. A BBA will help address this long-term problem because, after the multi-year process for securing ratification of the BBA by three-quarters of the states, the BBA will keep federal spending under control in subsequent years.

The Washington Establishment cannot continue to spend taxpayer dollars freely, without restrain – a constitutional limit. Our children and grandchildren wouldn’t be suffering under enormous debt if Congress had been more frugal. We cannot allow their addiction to spending to go unchecked. It is a drain on our economy and threatens to undermine the American dream.

How can you help?

Take Action:

On Thursday, deliver this message, in person, to your closest district office: Spending must be reigned in, and without H.J.Res.1, future Congresses and Administrations will be free to continue the reckless spending of the past, further eroding the freedoms our country was built on.

Find the office nearest you:

1. Go here: http://www.capwiz.com/heritage/home/

2. Enter your zip code in the box below “find your officials”

3. Scroll down and press “info” below the Member of Congress you’d like to visit

4. Select the “contact” tab, which will display the Member’s office information
For maximum impact, call ahead to arrange a meeting with a staffer and bring a group of like-minded friends with you. Remember, the goal is to encourage your Member of Congress to make the right decision.

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