This Weekend: Congress Works, President Skips Town

“What we decided was that staffs, as well as leadership, will be working during the weekend, and that I will reconvene congressional leaders here on Sunday…”

What the President didn’t say during that press conference was that he would actually be skipping town yet again.  He wasn’t raising money this time around, just escaping to Camp David while the rest of Washington worked. So on the one hand, he blasts Congress for not staying in town and reaching a deal, and on the other hand he jets off around the country for fundraisers and now this mini-getaway to western Maryland.

On Friday, we found that unemployment rose to 9.2% following dismal job creation in June. The President continues to pretend that businesses aren’t hiring because they are uncertain about the debt limit. Here is some news for the President: businesses aren’t hiring because they don’t know where their tax rates are going to be.

In 2009, President Obama told NBC that “you don’t raise taxes in a recession.” He was right then. And while the recession officially ended 2 years ago, you would be hard pressed to find someone – other than the President and his cheerleaders – who actually believe we are recovering.

The President also tries to claim that jobs are his number one issue. Perhaps that should be amended to jobs of the future, because all he seems to care about are jobs he believes are in the future, not the present.

Given that, how does raising taxes on our nations job creators help create jobs? It doesn’t. The President is just trying to score political points with his base. What President Obama is basically saying is that because businesses are uncertain about hiring new employees, and are therefore sitting on $2 trillion, that extra money should just become the government’s.

Our President needs to level with the American people and stop trying to score political points. Instead, he should be doing everything he can to create an economic environment that fosters job creation now, not in the future.

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