Supporting the Balanced Budget Amendment

“I’m for…a balanced budget amendment.”

“I crossed the line to help balance the budget…”

“It’s time to stop playing political brinksmanship with the budget and do what every Alaskan is doing – balance the budget.”

“Over the years, I have supported a balanced budget amendment…”

“The balanced budget amendment’s very, very important to me…”

“I voted yes and support a balanced budget amendment”

“By restoring healthy and responsible spending through a reasonable Balanced Budget Amendment…”

“…pledging support for the idea.”

“I think they should…It would be great if that discipline were in place. Clearly it’s a goal we’ve got to work toward…”

“An amendment to the Constitution will finally hold the federal government to the same, common sense standard.”

“It’s absolutely critical.”

“I believe in a Balanced Budget. Government should live within its means, like any small business.”

“we were great proponents of something called a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution…”

“I believe we should have a constitutional amendment to balance the budget.”

“I would support an amendment to the Constitution.”

“The balanced budget amendment does, in my opinion, embody a principle simple and vital enough to deserve inclusion in the Constitution.”

“I took a position to support a Balanced Budget Amendment…”

“The spending trends are what really motivates me, and I hope others, to accept a constitutional balanced budget amendment.”

“Mr. President, I have long supported a balanced budget amendment.”

“It is time to get our priorities straight. I’ve been a strong supporter of a balanced budget amendment…”

“I have always supported a balanced budget.”

“…we need to move toward a Balanced Budget Amendment.”

22 strong endorsements of a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA). Must come from a bunch of “cult driven” people from the “radical right”, right?


Believe it or not, Democrats were for a BBA before they were against it. Why are they against it now? Quite simply, it is because they are not the ones introducing it.

See, if the left introduced a BBA, then they would all be for it. The main difference between a Conservative BBA and a Liberal BBA is how best to balance the budget and what action take place should the budget not be balanced.

Conservatives see a balanced budget as a way to ensure government spending does not run wild.  If a budget is in danger of not being balanced, then spending cuts should be the primary vehicle to close the gap. This falls in line with what every American family faces should they not have enough money to cover their bills. They cut back on nonessential spending, like going out or entertainment products. This makes sense, right?

Liberals, on the other hand, see a balanced budget as a vehicle to raise taxes.  If a budget might not be balanced, tax hikes should be the primary vehicle to close the gap.  American families cannot simply produce more money out of thin air to spend on themselves, so why should the government?

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