Promises, Promises on Gang of Six

Today, the U.S. House passed a serious legislative proposal – Cut, Cap and Balance. Heritage Action seeks to drive down federal spending and borrowing while protecting America and not raising taxes. Cut, Cap and Balance did exactly that. Unfortunately, the Senate is an entirely different story.

Our friends at The Heritage Foundation have a great first look at the Gang of Six proposal:

All three Senate approaches — the McConnell Plan, the McConnell-Reid “Just Borrow More” Plan, and now the Gang of Six “Maybe Later in the Year” Plan — have one thing in common: procedural gimmicks that promise Congress will do in the future what it won’t do now to control spending. The time has passed for procedural gimmickry — Congress should cut spending and cut it now.

Then the Gang of Six promises — an unenforceable promise — that some time in the next six months Congress will enact a second law with all kinds of Christmas presents for everybody.

Although the “Gang of Six” claims that their plan is separate from the debt limit increase, everyone in Washington including President Obama thinks its precise purpose is to pave the way for a debt limit hike.

The takeaway: the Gang of Six’s plan does not rise to the challenges facing our country. Read the rest of Heritage’s analysis.

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