President Obama’s “Balance”

Throughout the ongoing debt limit negotiations, President Obama has been calling for tax increases (well, once the polls told him a “clean” debt increase would mean doom for his re-election). He considers these tax hikes part of a “balanced” approach, and approach in which everyone pitches in to help solve our debt.

But how are tax hikes on families, farmers and job creators balanced? The President seems to believe that a person taking LESS from government is somehow equal to the government taking MORE from someone else. That is what he has been proposing and that is not balanced.

Unfortunately, this administration and its big-government allies believes that unless the government spends more and more every single year, people will suffer greatly or die. When conservatives suggest rolling back spending to 2008 levels, attack ads fly around the internet courtesy of organizations claiming that babies and/or the elderly are going to die.

Is this what our society has become? We cannot allow ourselves to rely on government this much; it’s not sustainable and it’s not healthy. Rolling back spending to 2008 levels or empower people to make their own decisions is not a death sentence. Quite the contrary, when people stand up for themselves, take care of themselves and only use a safety net when absolutely necessary they are able to achieve the American dream.

Politicians constantly complain that business-as-usual in Washington needs to stop. Yet now, conservatives are actively trying to change Washington, and suddenly the White House and career politicians are citing business-as-usual as a reason to just raise the debt ceiling without reforming our country. The credit agencies have said just raising the debt limit would still garner a downgrade unless we adopt a credible blueprint to solve our spending addiction.

Politicians are mentioning how many times the debt ceiling has been raised in the past without question. It is that simple act of raising that has gotten us to this point and that kind of business-as-usual that needs to stop.

There is only one plan on the table that will lead us towards a balanced budget, and that is Cut, Cap, and Balance. Such a solution will be painful to those big-government types who see  government as the only solution, but it’s time to begin empowering Americans, not the federal government.

If jobs are the number one priority, then taxing the job creators will not help. Has anyone heard one reason how taxing job creators would create jobs? It’s absurd. Government spending got us into this crisis, and government spending needs to be cut back. Tax hikes will not solve our spending-induced deficit; in fact, tax hikes are only going to make this problem worse.

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