Pres. Obama “Posturer-in-Chief”

Who’s really playing politics in these debt limit negotiations?

Originally, President Obama and his congressional allies wanted a clean debt limit increase, but after pressure from conservatives to use the vote as a way to contain Congress’ out-of-control-debt, they voted against their preferred, reckless approach.

President Obama is now trying to claim that he is the “adult” in the room, simply because he is calling for tax hikes. He is saying that Congress needs to come together to do what’s best for our country, and not to simply score political points.

Are tax hikes really best for our country? We want these people to create jobs, and President Obama has said again and again that jobs are his number one priority. The question has to be asked, how do tax hikes on businesses create jobs?

President Obama spoke at the National Council of La Raza yesterday. During his speech, he again falsely blamed Congress for not ratifying three free trade agreements, even though he hasn’t even submitted them to Congress for approval. He also asked:

“Are we a nation that asks only the middle class and the poor to bear the burden?”

Is he serious? The top ten percent of earners pay nearly 70% of all federal revenues collected. How is that not a burden to bear? Conversely, the bottom 50% of earners account for just 3% of federal revenues collected.

So how are the wealthy not bearing the burden?

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