Obamacare Will Hurt Families

Part of President Obama’s massive healthcare takeover could leave families paying far more for their healthcare. Wasn’t the crushing burden of healthcare costs on middle class families exactly what this administration passed this bill to avoid?

This is just one of many reasons why this massive, 2,000 page government takeover was a bad idea. It’s been over a year since this law was passed and we’re still finding things that are horribly wrong with it.

In 2014, everyone will be mandated to buy health insurance. To help people afford private insurance, the government will subsidize it. However, if an employer offers government-approved health insurance (which most likely will be more expensive thanks to Obamacare’s minimum requirements) then that worker does not qualify for the government subsidy.

Here’s the problem, a lot of workers won’t be able to afford the higher cost of employer’s healthcare, but they won’t be able to receive government subsidies to buy private insurance because their employer offers insurance. Headache? That’s what these unfortunate families will receive when they can’t afford insurance, but they’ll still lose money because they’ll be fined for not having insurance under the mandate.

So you will have three options under Obamacare:

  1. Pay lots more per paycheck for employer health insurance,
  2. Pay lots more out of your pocket for private insurance without a government subsidy or;
  3. Give money straight to the government through a fine for not having insurance.

The greediness and disregard for American families from liberals never ceases to amaze.

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