Obama Will Not Release Free Trade Yet

Recently, President Obama, Press Secretary Jay Carney and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner have all claimed that “right now” Congress can pass three Free Trade Agreements that would help create jobs.

“Right now, Congress can advance a set of trade agreements that would allow American businesses to sell more of their goods and services to countries in Asia and South America -– agreements that would support tens of thousands of American jobs while helping those adversely affected by trade.  That’s pending before Congress right now.” – President Obama, June 29, 2011 speech.

“[T]he three free trade agreements that collectively can create or support 70,000 American jobs could be acted on right now.  Those things can be done.” – Jay Carney, July 8, 2011 Press Briefing

“It does require Congress, under our Constitution, to be willing to legislate things that would help.  Like, for example–and you, you know these examples–if we could pass some trade agreements to expand export growth, that would be good.” – Tim Geithner, July 10, 2011 “Meet the Press”

So the President and his Press Secretary have been lecturing Congress and blaming them for dragging their feet on creating jobs.

Yesterday, Matthew Vogel, a White House spokesman said that “we are still in active discussions with Congress regarding the process for proceeding with the three FTAs and TAA as soon as possible.”

Wait, what’s this? The President hasn’t actually released the Free Trade Agreements? That’s right, the President is blaming others for his own negligence.

Do you think he will stop claiming it’s Congress’ fault these trade agreements haven’t been passed? Probably not.

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