Obama: Neither the Will nor Ideas

It’s all debt ceiling all the time in Washington.  The Senate canceled its July 4th recess so Senators can be in town.  The House is back.  And former President Bill Clinton has some advice for current President Barack Obama: don’t blink.

Don’t blink on what?  Tax increases. According to the Wall Street Journal, Democrats have proposed raising taxes by nearly $400 billion over the next decade.  Of course, the tax increases go much farther than the poll-tested items recited ad nauseam by the President in his press conference.

Heritage Action’s CEO Michael Needham gives us the state of play:

Debt ceiling negotiations are intensifying and the rhetoric is heating up. And President Obama’s insistence that we raise taxes to solve our spending problem has paralyzed the debate. It is clear that President Obama has neither the will nor the ideas to lead in this debate or lead this country.

If we continue down the path set forward by President Obama, we will be sentencing our children and grandchildren to permanent economic malaise while at the same time condemning this current generation to the same fate. Congress must step in and lead where he has failed.

Remember the rallying cry from this year’s CR debate?  Don’t Blink!  It was important then and it is essential now.  Our children and grandchildren cannot afford for us to blink.

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