Obama’s Drilling Ban by the Numbers

  • 33: the percent that capital spending dropped on account of the deepwater moratorium
  • 60,000: number of jobs lost due to the moratorium
  • 190,000: number of jobs that could be created by 2013 if the Gulf is open to drilling
  • 140: the percent that capital expenditures could increase by if the Gulf is open to drilling
  • 70: the percent increase that the offshore oil and gas industry would spend
  • 45 billion: total dollars of GDP contribution that would come from a return to drilling
  • 6: the number of months President Obama held a moratorium on offshore drilling
  • 9: the number of months since the moratorium was lifted, without a return to drilling
  • 33: the number of shallow-water permits for new wells issued since 6/8/2010
  • 5: the number of permits issued for deepwater wells that were in the process before moratorium
  • 1: the number of new deepwater wells issued since 10/12/2010

Here we have a very clear view of hundreds of thousands of jobs that could be created, nearly 200,000 of which would be created in the next 18 months, yet this administration drags their feet and instead focuses on “the future.” That is, not jobs now or soon, but jobs in the next couple decades. All the while they deny creating jobs now.

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