Mainstream Media Ignores Support for Cut, Cap, Balance

CNN released a poll yesterday that shows 66% of Americans support the Cut, Cap and Balance plan to raise our debt limit and get our country back on track. Instead, the media has preferred to focus on the 66% who support President Obama’s “shared sacrifice” (i.e. tax hikes on successful individuals, family farmers and small business owners – who already pay 60% of all federal revenues – and a promise to cut spending sometime in the future).

But of course acknowledging that Americans actually support Cut, Cap, and Balance would undermine the mainstream narrative that it is a terrible plan that no one wants. Why report the truth when you can set an agenda?

They have also chosen to ignore the fact that above all else, 74% of Americans want a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. So Americans would equally be satisfied with Cut, Cap, and Balance as they would with the “compromise,” but 3 out of 4 Americans want a balanced budget amendment, which the “compromise” doesn’t include. So which plan actually wins?

Cut, Cap, and Balance passed the House, with 5 Democrats voting in favor. According to the polls cited by the mainstream media, Americans would have gladly accepted that solution. It is clear that the mainstream media chose to dismiss this comprehensive, serious plan. The question is why?

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