Liberals New (and Only) Theme

As evidenced during the debates on Cut, Cap, and Balance as well as the debate last night over the Boehner debt plan, liberals are going to stick with one theme to bring down every piece of legislation that will cut spending: death to Medicare.

During the Cut, Cap, and Balance debates, liberals hounded the plan, calling it “Cut, Cap and Kill Medicare.” Even though nothing in the plan specifically mentioned cutting Medicare, or Social Security. It seems that if you want to cut any spending or live within your means, you essentially want to kill seniors.

Last night, during the Boehner debt plan (which doesn’t even touch entitlement spending) debate, the same theme emerged. They even claimed that Medicare and Social Security:

“…this bill will drastically end Medicare. It will reduce Medicaid payments to the states and it will severely cut back the checks to our Social Security recipients by an average of $1,000 each month.” – Congressman David Scott (D-GA)

“This is a committee that is empowered to cut Medicare and Social Security…” – Congressman Rob Andrews (D-NJ)

“This majority has asked us time and time again to vote to end Medicare, to cut Social Security, to cut Medicaid and they’re doing it once again.” – Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD)

This has become absurd. Liberals are claiming that the committee set up after the first round of cuts will then cut these programs. The committee that will be set up will be 6 Democrats and 6 Republicans. More likely, it will be 4 liberals, 4 moderates and 4 conservatives. There’s a significantly better chance of tax hikes from this committee than real reforms to entitlements.

But this is what we have to look forward to in the future. Whenever conservatives put forth any bill, whether it actually solves our fiscal problem (like Cut, Cap, and Balance), or doesn’t (like the Boehner plan), liberals are going to say the bill is designed to kill seniors.

None of our fiscal problems will be solved if this is how liberals behave. They need to grow up and realize what is best for the country, and what’s best for the country is if the people rely on themselves and not the government.

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