Happy 4th of July from Obamanomics!

As you celebrate the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence from British tyranny, it is important to look at our past, present, and future. Our country has been through a lot, and through it all, we have always come out more prosperous, more innovative, and more optimistic.

It has been 235 years since our country first declared independence, but where are we today?


On this day in 1776, our Founding Fathers signed a document that ended our alliance with the tyrannical British. They decided that a better country could be built around the principles that a smaller government would serve the people, and not the other way around.


Our current President does not seem to share the sentiment of our Founding Fathers. He believes that government is the answer to all of life’s problems and all he believes has to do is spend more money. We can see how that has failed:

The Debt:

  • The National Debt has grow 35% under Obama, up to $14.3 trillion
  • $3.7 trillion has been added just since he took office
  • 43 cents of every dollar spent by the federal government is borrowed


  • National unemployment has grown 25% under Obama, up to 9.1%
  • 19.9% is the true unemployment
  • 2.5 million jobs have been lost under Obama

President Obama and the left claimed that his official FY2012 budget was exactly what the country needed, yet every single Senate Democrat voted against it. They claimed that since the President outlined a new budget in a speech, his old budget wasn’t relevant. As CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf says, “we don’t estimate speeches.” The administration has not provided Congress a real budget based on that speech.

President Obama promised that he would get serious about tackling our debt and deficit, yet they have exploded under his presidency. In fact, the only plans he and his party have to reduce our debt and deficit is by more spending and higher taxes.

In February 2009, President Obama said that he would “cut the Deficit in half by the end of [his] first term in office.” Well his first term is almost over and he has racked up three consecutive trillion-dollar deficit records.


Our country can’t afford another 4 more years of President Obama’s policies. When he talks about ithe future, he talks about spending more government money to create jobs of the future, which he believes are in green energy. He’s setting our country up for disaster. It is the American people and the free markets who decide where the jobs of the future are, not one man and the government.

In order to truly “win” our future, we must return to our founding principles.  The American entrepreneurial spirit that built this country must make a comeback. That spirit resides in each of us, but we must fight against the government regulations that suppress our freedoms and liberties. When strong Americans take a stand, our country will begin to enter a new era of prosperity and we’ll be able to save the American dream for our children and grandchildren.


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