Government Always Finds a Way to Spend

Last week, we key-voted a major amendment to H.R.2354, the energy and water appropriations bill. We told Members of Congress to support the McClintock amendment which would have cut $3.25 billion from the bill, including substantial cuts to the Department of Energy.

Only 93 conservatives stood on principle and supported that amendment.

Low and behold, the Department of Energy just announced a loan in the amount of $730 million. The loan goes to a Michigan company to “re-tool and expand facilities that produce advanced steel used in efficient vehicles.” Basically, the government agency is giving a loan to an industry that supports their “green” energy interests. It’s just another instance of government picking winners and losers.

This is exactly why amendments like McClintock’s need to be passed. If we limit the amount of money government bureaucrats have, they can’t spend it on loans to their favorite companies or interests that distort the energy market. This is a matter better left to the free market and the people who spend what remains of their income after big-government gets their hands out of it.

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