Cloakroom: July 4 – July 8

House Cloakroom: July 4 – July 8 

Analysis: This week, the House will continue work on the Defense Appropriations bill.  Later in the week they may take up the Energy and Water Appropriations Bill.  It’s also possible that an agreement on the three Free Trade Agreements may be voted on.  This would include the Korean Free Trade Agreement to which the Obama administration plans to attach TAA, a program that provides government benefits to those unemployed workers who can demonstrate that their job was eliminated because of free trade.
Major Floor Action:

  • HR 2219 – Department of Defense Appropriations Act
  • HR 2354 – Energy and Water Appropriations Bill
Major Committee Action:

Senate Cloakroom: July 4 – July 8

Analysis: The Senate was not expected to be in session this week; however, they have decided to cancel their recess with the stated reason being to continue work on the debt ceiling.  The Senate will take up a Libya resolution on Tuesday that gives limited authorization to the current military action in that country.
Major Floor Action:

  • S. J. Res. 20 – A joint resolution authorizing the limited use of the United States Armed Forces in support of the NATO mission in Libya


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