Afternoon Blog Roundup

The Weekly Standard – Kate Havard – Just a reminder – Its been 800 days since the Senate passed a budget
The Weekly Standard – Mark Hemingway – No more ‘phony’ spending cuts

Big Government – Publius – Obama political advisor: unemployment isn’t that important to voters

Hot Air – Ed Morrissey – Carney: Yeah, we don’t think Americans care about GDP, jobless numbers

National Review Online – John Berlau – Constitutional nonsense on Debt

Townhall – Jonah Goldberg – Obama’s Reagan parallels are falling away
Townhall – Erika Johnsen – Boehner: “It’s not like there’s some imminent deal about to happen”

Newsmax – Tom O’Connell – Buchanan to GOP: Ignore hysteria, be firm on taxes
Newsmax – Martin Gould – Jobs figure devastating for Obama

The Daily Caller – Matt Lewis – Is Burkean conservatism dead?

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