Afternoon Blog Roundup

The Foundry– Nicolas Loris – Opening Access, Not Subsidies, The Key to America’s Energy Future
The Foundry– Emily Goff and Kathryn Nix – How High Do You Want Your Grandkids’ Taxes to Go?

Hot Air – Ed Morrissey – Breaking: White House threatens veto of Cut, Cap, and Balance bill
Hot Air – Ed Morrissey – Gallup finds employment “deterioration” in July

National Review – Larry Kudlow – A Good Debt-Ceiling Deal
National Review – Stanley Kurtz – The Road to Obama Runs Through Libya

RedState – Mattew Hurtt – Why conservatives can’t compromise on the debt ceiling…
RedState – Brad Jackson – The Failing Economy, the Debt Ceiling and 2012

Townhall – Michael Barone – What the Debt Limit Battle is All About
Townhall – Guy Benson – GOP to Senate Democrats: Obey the Law and Produce a Budget

The Weekly Standard – Daniel Harper – Gen. Allen Takes Command in Afghanistan



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