Afternoon Blog Roundup

The Daily Caller – Matt Lewis – Raising the debt ceiling depends on one floor
The Daily Caller – Amanda Carey – House Prepared to vote on Boehner plan

The Foundry – Judy Mayka – Convicted Terrorist Megrahi Cheers While Qadhafi Still Reigns
The Foundry – James Carafano – More Terror at Fort Hood?

Hot Air – Tina Korbe – New numbers, no surprise: Affordable Care Act anything but affordable
Hot Air – Tina Korbe – China’s Xinhua to U.S. leaders: Show some “sense of global responsibility”

National Review – Thomas Sowell – Boehner’s Plan Will Do
National Review – Andrew Stiles – Freshman Rally Behind Boehner

News Max – Martin Gould and Dan Weil – Revved-Up Boehner Lines Up Tea Party Support For Debt Vote
News Max – Hiram Reisner – Rep. Ryan: Reid Plan Relies on ‘War Gimmick’

Red State – Erick Erickson – The Three Scenarios
Red State – Repair_Man_Jack – ObamaCare: The Ultimate Economic De-Motivator

Town Hall – Guy Benson – Boehner Plan Vote Coming After Markets Close, Close Call Expected
Town Hall – Guy Benson – Democrats’ “Adult” Debt Rhetoric: A Brief Retrospective

The Weekly Standard – William Kristol – Pelosi’s Reactionary Liberalism
The Weekly Standard – Robert Zarate – General Calls Deep Defense Cuts ‘Very High Risk’

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