Afternoon Blog Roundup

Big Government – Publius – Dems Gone Wild: Rep. Wu Will Resign
Big Government – Tom Fitton – Should the Military Help Members of Congress Go to the Detroit Auto Show?

The Daily Caller – C.J. Ciaramella – Rumored fee hikes rile aviation lobby
The Daily Caller – Caroline May – NOW: Women have been left out of the debt discussion

The Foundry – Brian Lipshutz – The first conservatives: The Constitutional challenge to progressivism
The Foundry – Mike Brownfield – Heritage Action issues letter on fiscal crisis

Hot Air – Ed Morrissey – Breaking: Wu to resign after debt–ceiling vote
Hot Air – Tina Korbe – Romney pipes up about the president’s speech

National Review – Yuval Levin – Boehner’s Achievement
National Review – Fred Thompson – An Open Letter to the House GOP

Newsmax – Caroline Rawls – Wall Street blasé about debt ceiling quagmire
Newsmax – Martin Gould – Zogby/Newsmax poll: Most don’t trust Obama on economy

RedState – Streiff – The Speaker’s plan is a bad bargain

RedState – Brad Jackson – The unchecked power of the NLRB and Big Labor

Townhall – Thomas Sowell – Debt–ceiling chicken
Townhall – Guy Benson – CNN: “Nobody in DC still pushing tax increases “Except Barack Obama”

The Weekly Standard – Mark Hemingway – Rep. David Wu, D–Ore., Resigns Amid Another Sex Scandal
The Weekly Standard – Fred Barnes – All Talk, No Walk

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