Afternoon Blog Roundup

The Daily Caller – Amanda Carey –  White House, Republicans spar over length of debt limit increase
The Daily Caller – Neil Munro – Obama focuses on 2013 debt ceiling goal

The Foundry – Brian Lipshutz – When America Paid of the National Debt
The Foundry – Derek Scissors – The Debt Ceiling: What China Is Doing

Hot Air – Ed Morriessey – Did Obama refuse a bipartisan deal on the debt ceiling?
Hot Air – Ed Morriessey –  GOP to push for vote on balanced-budget amendment in debt-ceiling bill

National Review – Andrew Stiles – House Conservatives Holding Their Tongues (At Least For Now)

Red State – Aaron Gardner – Are Obama and Geithner planning to steal from the Social Security “Trust Fund”?
Red State – Skip MacLure – The Political Circus Continues.

Town Hall – Guy Benson –  Report: Obama Rejects Bipartisan Debt Deal
Town Hall – AP – Boehner – Reid preparing to move on debt limit

The Weekly Standard –Jeffrey H. Anderson – Is Obamacare the source of Obama’s Approval Woes?

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