Why We Fight: Chipping Away at Freedom

Putting more power in the hands of any president is risky, but it’s especially foolish when the Obama administration seems wholly dedicated to increasing the size and scope of the federal government.

That’s why Heritage Action is focused on these seemingly small policies. They erode Congressional authority and oversight over the exercise of governmental power and offer opportunities for increased, unaccountable spending. See the big picture and links to background materials and chances to take action below.

Heritage Action opposes S. 679 because it would enable the President to appoint more ‘Czars.’ Czars are back in vogue in the Senate, as a bipartisan group wants to reduce the number of executive branch positions that require Senate confirmation. Barring an unexpected set back (i.e., robust grassroots opposition), the bill is headed to the floor later this week once the Senate completes consideration of the EDA Reauthorization Bill.

Heritage Action opposes patent reform because it enables bureaucrats to set mandatory fees and allocate funds. A ‘patent reform’ bill in the House would transfer the power of the purse from Congress to the patent agency, making Congressional oversight and accountability more difficult, or impossible. There is a move afoot to address the fee diversion issue, though details remain scarce and there is uncertainty on the Hill whether the deal will address the fee diversion problem.

Heritage Action opposes extending and expanding duplicative, ineffective, and wasteful Trade Adjustment Assistance. The Obama administration appears to have bipartisan support to extend and expand – to stimulus levels – the failed Trade Adjustment Assistance program.  A deal to include TAA as part of the legislation to implement the free trade agreements is in the works, and could be announced anytime this week.  Details on the would-be deal are scare, and there is tremendous uncertainty on the Hill regarding the outcome.

Runaway spending, enormous deficits and overwhelming debt are still the big problemRead CEO Michael A. Needham’s on the debt limit battle and the conservative plan to Cut, Cap and Balance.

Stay tuned and keep taking action, together we can push back against these bad bills and protect America’s freedoms

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