More Americans Believe We’re Heading for a Great Depression

More Americans are starting to believe that – under the leadership of President Obama – our country is heading for another deep depression. According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, the President’s approval rating is at 48%, already down from the bump in approval he got from killing Osama Bin Laden.

What’s more frightening in this poll is that 48% of those surveyed think that America will face another great depression within the next year. 41% believed this in 2009, and 38% believed that in 2008. So, in 2008, when the economy was collapsing and Barack Obama was blaming George W. Bush for everything and claiming that he was our savior – less people believed we were heading for another great depression than they do now.

The question is, can President Obama find a way to blame Bush for this one?

Certainly he’ll try, but an increasing number of Americans are becoming annoyed by the constant blame game of this administration. 48% of the country now disapproves of the job he is doing. 42% of independents approve and there was even a drop in Democratic approval…3 points to 82%.

Will the President get the message now that his policies aren’t working? Americans can only hope.

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