Action Alert: Release Free Trade Agreements!

The Obama Administration is currently holding trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama hostage in order to continue funding a failed stimulus program. Below you will find a letter addressed to House Leadership urging them to vote for the free trade agreements, and against the ineffective Trade Adjustment Assistance program.

“TAA is undoubtedly – and deliberately designed as – a federal wealth redistribution program that has no business existing in a free society. The underlying assumption inherent to TAA is that increased trade is bad and needs to be offset by yet another pseudo-compassionate federal program paid for by taxpayers at-large. It is time that we fully rebuff such thinking and forge ahead with a robust trade agenda that removes barriers wherever possible, on the notion that more and freer trade benefits all parties involved – consumers, workers, business-owners, inventors, and so on,” the letter says.

Learn more at “Trade Adjustment Assistance: Don’t Link the Costly and Ineffective Program to Free Trade Agreements

Take action: Please stand with Heritage Action. Email your Member of Congress and urge him or her to the letter supporting free trade agreements and the complete defunding of the TAA program.

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