In It’s Current Form, Medicare Simply Can’t Last

Even though the lies being told by liberals about the Paul Ryan Medicare plan are continuously being debunked, the idea that nothing needs to be done to Medicare seems to remain.

With misleading polls showing that Americans apparently reject Ryan’s Medicare plan, it makes the issue politically volatile and makes it very difficult for any reform to be done. The most recent skewed poll, from the Pew Research Center, phrased the question to over 1,500 adults as changing Medicare “into a program that would give future participants a credit toward purchasing private health insurance policies.” Now if that doesn’t sound like a gift card for private insurance, I don’t know what does.

The poll found that Adults ages 50 to 64 oppose the plan 51% to 32%, and adults over 65 oppose the plan 51% to 25%. Now remember; those 55 and over WILL NOT BE AFFECTED by the plan, so their opposition stems from the left’s demagoguery. Americans under 50 don’t care much about Medicare, so knowing how they feel about the plan is what is important. Of course, this plan does catch those aged 50 to 54 in their polling, but it would be helpful to see what their feelings toward the plan are.

Also remember that the Medicare that Democrats are defending is President Obama’s Medicare – that is, a 15 member panel (selected by the President) that decides whether a treatment is necessary and cost-effective.

But Medicare “as we know it” doesn’t exist anymore because of Obamacare, and Medicare “as we know it” cannot finance itself past 2024, even with the cuts made by this President or the board of bureaucrats. As this chart shows, Americans receive substantially more expensive benefits than they pay for during their lifetime:

If you pay just $55,000 in taxes for your Medicare, but you receive $161,000 to $181,000 in benefits, the system can’t sustain itself. It’s basic math. The need for reform is now, and demagoguing the issue will only ensure its demise.

If we do nothing, then seniors will be forced to endure cuts in benefits and increased costs. Conservatives don’t want that.

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