Good Morning, President Orwell

Today, President Obama will announce another initiative designed to spur economic growth: the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP).  What’s half a billion dollars between friends, right?

According to prepared remarks, President Obama will call “for all of us to come together — private-sector industry, universities and the government — to spark a renaissance in American manufacturing and help our manufacturers develop the cutting-edge tools they need to compete with anyone in the world.”

That sounds eerily similar to this line from February 17, 2009, when the President signed the stimulus into law:

I hope this investment will ignite our imagination once more, spurring new discoveries and breakthroughs in science, in medicine, in energy, to make our economy stronger and our nation more secure and our planet safer for our children.

If you fail once, try, try and try again, right?

It gets better, though!  According to The Hill:

Senior administration officials pushed back against suggestions that the federal government was picking winners, arguing that the development of the manufacturing agenda is a promotion of “innovation policy,” not so-called industrial policy. They insisted that the private sector will choose the best direction for federal spending.

Oh, so a government slush fund for “innovation policy” is apparently different from a government slush fund for “industrial policy.”  Is it 1984?  That sounds rather Orwellian.

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