Driving the Day: News Conference for Debt Negotiations

Today at 11:30 am EST, President Obama will speak to reporters in the East Room. The President is trying to position himself as a more central player in deficit reduction talks.

The President will probably reiterate his position that taxes need to be raised in order to reduce the deficit. He will also probably call for cuts to defense as well.

If this is the case, then I doubt a deal will be met before the August 2nd deadline. Conservatives need to stand strong and refuse his calls for higher taxes in order to pay for his spending addiction.

We must also refuse cuts to defense. The President has already called for the removal of 33,000 troops from Afghanistan and engaged us in a new war in Libya. Because of this, we can’t afford to take any money away from our military and put them in harm.

If President Obama is really serious about getting our country back on track, protecting our citizens, growing our economy and creating jobs; cutting military funds and increasing taxes is the wrong way to do it.

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