Driving the Day: Job Creation

Another political blunder for President Obama.

In 2009, the President (well, taxpayers) gave $39 million to Cree, Inc. – a company that makes LED lights – as part of the economic “stimulus” package. It was billed as an Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit.

Cree took that money, hired a few hundred workers and the President’s administration listed the company as a “true American success story.” Good for them! And what did they do with the taxpayer-funded “investment?” Well, just a year later in 2010, they opened their first plant in China!

Fast forward to today.

President Obama will be touring Cree’s plant in North Carolina. The reason? He’s meeting with his jobs council to discuss job creation – most notably, green job creation. Because that worked so well for Spain.

This will be coming on the heels of recommendations by the President’s Jobs and Competitiveness Council – led by GE’s Jeffrey Immelt. Immelt’s op-ed in The Wall Street Journal suggests nothing new from this administration. More “investing,” more help for unions – oh, and minor regulation reforms.

And by regulation reform, he means jumpstarting construction jobs by streamlining permit processes. More union help. It seems his panels recommendations are another stimulus. More money for infrastructure to help construction workers – which are largely unionized – get jobs and absolutely nothing to allow broad economic growth that would help millions of Americans.

The other focus of the jobs council and this administration is for training programs. Mr. President, how can you invest in jobs training when there are no jobs? It’s all well and good to train future workers, but if there are no jobs for them to find once they complete training, how does that help? We should be focused on creating jobs now so that when people get training, there is a job for them, instead of creating a situation where there are dozens of qualified people for one job. How is that going to help our economy?

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