Congressman Lamborn: Standing Up For Conservative Principles

Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) has been fighting hard in Washington on behalf of taxpayers and our children and grandchildren. Recently, he signed onto a letter urging the Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development to cut spending  for the Department of Energy’s “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy” programs.

Cutting this funding will impact a laboratory in Congressman Lamborn’s state. However, continuing to fund research that could easily be done in the private sector reeks of big-government favoritism. The Congressman’s position actually has taxpayer’s wallets in mind.

The government continually engages in picking winners and losers, and market creation (like with ethanol) and subsequently funding that market so that it is profitable. This not a business the government should be undertaking. As the letter stated:

“If it is truly the case that this research is revolutionary investors should be eager to invest in this technology; if it is so promising, there should be no end of private capital competing to enlist researchers and secure a piece of this new energy cornucopia.”

Unfortunately, throwing huge amounts of taxpayer funds at an industry that continually fails to live up to its expectations is not a win for the American people. Brandon Greife of the National Taxpayers Union writes:

“By picking winners and losers in the energy marketplace, often well before they have been technologically or economically proven, Washington is doing renewable technologies (not to mention taxpayers) an enormous disservice. To achieve the biggest gains, free markets must be allowed to channel resources toward technologies based on their promise of cleaner, cheaper fuels, not on political pressure. Not only will this spur the innovations we’ve long been searching for, but it will ensure that taxpayers are able to reap the rewards, without bearing the cost of questionable investment.”

We know that trying to wean these industries off of government-handouts will be politically difficult, but it will result in less of a burden to taxpayers and a more focused industry engaging in what actually works and what consumers actually want. By sending this letter, Congressman Lamborn has shown that he is clearly on the side of the taxpayers and not on the side of special interests.

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