Congressional Democrats Reject Obama Proposals

In the span of one week, Democrats have flat-out rejected two key proposals by their party’s leader, President Obama. Last week, not a single Democrat voted for the President’s budget proposal, and yesterday, only 97 of 186 House Democrats voted for the President’s desired clean debt limit vote.

This should send President Obama the message that he needs to change his direction. When even his own party overwhelmingly votes against him…it’s time to make a change.

Of course, Democrats have found ways to explain away their disagreement. Even though scores of Democrats called the President’s original budget proposal (which added $1.65 trillion to the deficit in a single year and did nothing to reform entitlements) a “responsible proposal,” “a credible blueprint,” and “a careful evaluation of what our nation needs,” they unanimously voted against it. Their reasoning? The President gave a speech outlining some vague new budget proposal that lacked any details.

That speech was in April. Where is this supposed budget?

Now, with the debt ceiling vote, even though 114 Democrats sent a letter calling for a clean debt ceiling vote, when they got the chance, they called it “a sham of a vote.” Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) urged his members to vote against the bill for that reason. I think it’s pretty obvious they were just looking for a way to get out of voting to raise the debt ceiling without attaching spending cuts, because doing so would have made it clear that they are not serious about getting our debt under control and are just fine with spending ourselves to ruin.

So now the battle over what will be attached to the real debt limit vote will continue. It is funny that now that Democrats are in the minority they are demanding to be part of the legislative process in the House, when just a year ago, when they had the majority, they ignored conservative calls for responsible governing and did whatever they wanted.

Democrats got exactly what they wanted: a clean debt limit vote. They were given that, and they complained. Had they not gotten the vote, some would probably have complained. Rather than whining, it’s time they start bringing some legitimate ideas to the table.

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