Bloomberg Poll Paints Dim Picture

A new Bloomberg poll shows Americans are very dissatisfied with President Barack Obama and his handling of the economy:

  • 61% of Americans believe President Obama has had his chance to make the economy better
  • 30% will definitely vote for President Obama again, 36% won’t
  • 23% of independents will vote for the President, 36% won’t
  • 49% fear Republicans following through with spending cuts, compared to 40% who fear more government spending.

Americans are still concerned by potential changes to Medicare as outlined by the Paul Ryan budget plan. Because many Americans over 55 believe the plan will affect them – which it won’t – they tend to skew polling results on the plan. And with quotes like this:

“I still want them to cut the deficit and debt, but it’s been growing for years,” said an independent voter from Orlando, FL. “If you cut the deficit now, you might cut the legs of people who are trying to get jobs and on Medicare.”

It is clear that many Americans don’t understand the gravity of the situation. The attitude, cultivated by big-government types, seems to be that spending cuts are needed, but cutting anything now will cripple the economy. Americans need to realize that we’ve been relying on the government too much, and if programs are scaled back, we will still have those programs, but we will learn to not rely on them so much.

And that’s what we need.

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