Activist of the Month: Feet to the Fire

This month we decided to highlight a grassroots organization that is changing Wake County for the better. Together Louis Stannard, Don Carr and Donna Yowell founded the activist group, Feet to the Fire shortly after the 2010 mid-term elections. Quick to gain a following, Feet to the Fire is now a focal point of North Carolina activism for more than 8,000 subscribers. Utilizing new media outreach and face to face meetings these patriots rally around a particular issue and hold North Carolina members accountable.

Donna introduced me to their efforts when I met her at the “Keep NC a Right to Work State” rally at the state capital. Quickly, our efforts became aligned. Now, Feet to the Fire is working with Heritage Action to combat the overregulation and out of control spending that entangles our federal government. Their commitment is making a difference!

A founding member, Don Carr recounts the inspiration behind Feet to the Fire:

After the 2010 mid-terms, we realized that our work was not done just because the election was over. Many members arrive in office and need reminders of who they represent. We envision an army of activists highlighting both pros / cons of the newly elected where we could ensure they kept their word.

Their vision has now become a reality. This watchdog group plays close attention to key issues like runaway spending, retrograde energy policy and missile defense.

Like many other activists today, Louis Stannard is new to the grassroots community and coins his former self as a “typical political observer.”

I simply watched as few representatives actually followed the Constitution and our freedoms gradually eroded. After the 2008 election, I saw this as our last chance to return to a Constitutional government.

Together, they organize FTTF behind the scenes working on information packets, house parties and campaigns. Don Carr writes:

Working on campaigns helped reinforce the fact that if we want better governance, we the people need to become more involved in the process, both before and after elections.


Not only do we help get good conservatives elected, but by staying involved, we can ensure those elected hear and heed our wants, per the intent of our Founders when they established our Constitutional Republic.

What’s next for Feet to the Fire? Donna Yowell explains:

The win in November was “good” but “fabulous” won’t be until we defeat Obama and conservatives win control of the House AND Senate in 2012.  We are a “target state” according to the Democrats so we must begin the battle now, it will be hard but the grassroots people of NC WILL make it happen.

With their help, North Carolina activists know they too have a voice and can hold Congress accountable.

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