Action Alert: Patent Reform No Small Issue [out of date]

Congress passes numerous bills every year that receive little, if any, media coverage. These “small ball” issues often contain pork spending or, in this case, a complete a transfer of power from Congress to unelected bureaucrats.

This bill would allow the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to set it’s own fees and spend the revenue collected from those fees. Currently, Congress sets the fees and appropriates funds for the USPTO.

This framework of checks and balances is crucial.

Congress must maintain the ability to conduct oversight and hold government agencies accountable. Transferring the power from Congress empowers the USPTO and makes oversight and accountability on the important issue of patent issuance more difficult.

Government efficiency should not come at the expense empowering bureaucrats and undermining the ability of elected Representatives to keep executive branch power in check.

Take Action: Please stand with Heritage Action. Email your Member of Congress.

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