A Year in Review: Obama’s “Recovery Summer”

It’s been a year since President Obama launched his “Recovery Summer,” a politicized PR blitz to try and bolster support for his now-failed stimulus bill. Last year, the President and his administration toured the country praising the stimulus’ “successes”:

“This summer will be the most active Recovery Act season yet, with thousands of highly-visible road, bridge, water and other infrastructure projects breaking ground across the country, giving the American people a first-hand look at the Recovery Act in their own backyards and making it crystal clear what the cost would have been of doing nothing.” – David Axelrod

“[T]here is mounting independent evidence that the Recovery Act and other job-creation efforts are spurring an American economic recovery.” – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

“Folks, the act is working,” and “more people are going to be put to work this summer.” – Vice President Joe Biden

The stimulus is creating “progress all across the country. Businesses are beginning to hire again.” The economy “is now growing at a good clip.”– President Barack Obama

So where are we a year later?

  • 9.1% Unemployment
  • 19.1% Unemployment (including those who have stopped looking)
  • 14 million Americans unemployed
  • 1.9 million jobs lost since the stimulus was enacted
  • 414,000 new people filing for unemployment
  • 39.7 weeks is the average time an unemployed person has been looking for work
  • Highest sustained unemployment since the Great Depression
  • 44 million people on food stamps
  • 45% of people receive healthcare from their employer (down since Obamacare)
  • 48% of American’s think another great depression is coming
  • 59% of American’s disapprove of President Obama’s handling of the economy

How’s that for a recovery? This, by no means, should be celebrated as a failure of the President, because his failure is hurting our economy and jeopardizing our future. If we want to truly turn this country around, we need to enact commonsense reforms like Cut, Cap and Balance, the Paul Ryan budget plan, or the Heritage Foundation’s “Saving the American Dream.”

It’s never too late to get it right, but the President sure is making it a lot harder.

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