A True Town Hall Success Story!

Ellen Doyle attended Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick’s (R-PA) town hall meeting last week at a community college. She was there to get information and support her representative, who has been making tough decisions in Washington. However, she never realized just how much she and other activists would help the Congressman.

While Congressman Fitzpatrick was explaining to his constituents what he and his party are doing to help turn our economy around, an unruly liberal in the crowd kept interrupting. The member of the radical leftist group Code Pink continued to berate the Congressman, even as he patiently listened and tried to respond politely to her outbursts.

Finally, conservatives in the crowd had enough. The told her to sit down and try listening for a change – and it worked.

If Ellen Doyle and fellow conservative activists had not been there, the liberal would have continued her hijacking of the town hall and prevented the Congressman from explaining what is actually going on in Washington to his constituents.

This is Ellen’s full account:

Report from Representative Fitzpatrick’s Townhall meeting on June
9, 2011

There were 25 people in attendance, from all over the eight district.  Fitzpatrick started with a slide show, provided by the CBO, explaining the numbers, going over the reality of those numbers and then explained the Paul Ryan plan.  The slides were excellent, he really did a great job, explained what the Congress is doing, how they are fulfilling their ‘mandate’ as he said they were given on election 2010, and how they plan to go forward.

He started off the presentation by telling us about the “Open Rule” procedure enacted in Congress because they banned Ear Marks as one of their first acts.  He explained how every member could bring forward any appropriation for their district and have it debated & voted on by all.  None of us in attendance knew
about this and were very excited by the news.  Much more transparency, and vital; and he pointed out, every appropriation was voted on in the light of ‘do we need this enough to take a big loan out to get it??’  Excellent.

Key highlights of his presentation were to make the National Debt understandable for everyone, they why we are working so hard on it.  Then the second was talking about the Paul Ryan plan, especially in relation to the Medicaid issue, what it actually was, how it would really dissolve under Obama’s plan and why we needed to fix things right now.  Many questions in the audience on this subject and the Congressman was especially patient with the older people, explaining how he worked with his own parents to understand everything.  He even had the name of the lady in the district who they could call to get any help they needed.  He had the name & number right there; quite impressive.

One audience member was from Code Pink (tea shirt on and all!) and she was especially vocal and the Congressman knew her by name, was very nice to her, listened to her and tried to explain things a few times.  Then the rest of the audience got sick of her interrupting over and over, and they told her to try listening
instead of talking.  Not so much!  But it didn’t seem to throw him, surprisingly, and we learned later why.  In speaking to one of his aids later, he said she came to everyone of his townhalls and did the same thing.

He finished by bringing around the history of why Representatives are asked to run every two years.  He tied it back to our Founding Fathers, saying how farsighted they were in understanding that they were the body that appropriated the money and they needed to be held accountable.  Excellent ending.

My husband & I spoke with a few of his staff afterward, (after thanking the Congressman for all he has done and told him we have his back) and found out why they were having so few meetings.  His local staff member in Langhorne, said that they had a dickens of a time trying to find a place for him to hold them!  She said
churches wouldn’t let him, many normal venues as well, and because he was at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Community College, they welcomed him.  She asked us all to help them out in this aspect of scheduling townhalls.  Interesting, eh?

This is long and quiet detailed, but we felt we were your eyes on the ground and wanted you to get a real feel for what took place. Well worth attending, and educational as well.  Thank you for sending me the information yesterday to inform us of the meeting.

In Liberty,

Ellen Doyle

This is why it is so important for conservative activists to attend town halls. Your conservative Members of Congress need your support, and liberal lawmakers need to be challenged by intelligent, critical questions – not loud outbursts.

Your conservative Representative needs to see the crowd is with him. With so much left-wing pressure pouring into district after district, the truth needs to be revealed.

We’d like to hear how your town hall experience went! Please comment below with any stories you have from this past recess week.

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