A Jobs Agenda?

The Politico reports that Senate Democrats “plan to soon unveil what they’ll call a ‘Jobs First’ agenda.”  It begs the question, what has been the Senate’s focus over the past 30 months?

Almost every action taken by Senate Democrats over the past two and half years has been intended to grow the size and scope of government.  They’re now finding out what many of us already knew: growing government is not the same as growing the economy and creating jobs.

Last week, White House Chief of Staff William Daley found out firsthand how the Obama administration’s policies are stifling job-creation.  He came away from a meeting with hundreds of manufacturing executives chastened, as job-creators hammered the administration’s habit of handing down crippling regulations.

According to FoxNews, Associated Industries of Florida CEO Barney Bishop said bluntly, “We think there’s a thin facade by the administration to say the right things, but they don’t come close to doing things.”

Rhetoric, gimmicks and federal spending are not the answer.  If Senate Democrats are serious about creating jobs, they’ll pay attention to what would-be job creators are saying.



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