Thoughts on NY-26

Remember when Republicans were labeled as the party of “no?” Well now, with the Paul Ryan budget plan, they are showing that they are the party with the ideas, and that the Democrats have become the party of “run the country into the ground.” Not as catchy, I’ll admit, but no less true. The loss in New York’s 26th Congressional district (NY-26) proves just that.

More than that, the message spilling forth from the left and the media about this election could set some very dangerous precedents.

  • Is touching entitlements political suicide?
    Whenever someone on the right steps up and shows real leadership in trying to tackle the difficult task of reforming entitlements, vicious lies and attacks from the left will ensue. We saw it in 2005 with Social Security and we’re seeing it now with Medicare. If we can’t get past this, these programs will go bankrupt.
  • Will lies win elections?
    Without any proof or any kind of substance proving their points, liberals flat-out told seniors, who will be unaffected by the Ryan budget, that it “ends Medicare as we know it,” and that Jane Corwin supports that.
  • Will fake “Tea Party” candidates continue to skew results?
    Democrats now know that they can insert a phony candidate,
    labeled as a “Tea Party” candidate, and siphon votes from Republicans. The country now has to pay close attention to anyone purporting to be of the Tea Party movement. Of course, if you do believe the candidate was legitimate, then you have to acknowledge that together, the “conservative” candidates got more votes than the Democrat. What does that tell you?

President Obama – ironically – told Congressman Ryan a year ago during a question and answer session that:

“…we’re not going to be able to do anything about any of these entitlements if what we do is characterized, whatever proposals are put out there, as well, you know, that’s – the other party is being irresponsible; the other party is trying to hurt our senior citizens; that the other party is doing X, Y, Z.”

The President went on to say:

“That’s why I say if we’re going to frame these debates in ways that allow us to solve them, then we can’t start off by figuring out, A, who’s to blame; B, how can we make the American people afraid of the other side. And unfortunately, that’s how our politics works right now.”

But that is exactly what he and his party have done since Paul Ryan revealed his budget plan.

“…protect the programs important to you, like Medicare.” – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

“You can count on Kathy to say no to partisan politics that would end Medicare as we know it to pay for more tax cuts for multimillionaires.” – Former President Bill Clinton

“Leave it the way it is.” – Kathy Hochul, in response to a constituent asking her opinion on reforming Medicare.

How are we ever going to rescue our country if every time someone proposes a real solution it gets labeled as “the end?” The state of politics in this country has become ridiculous. Liberals offered no evidence that the Ryan budget does what they claimed it would do, while Paul Ryan has been explaining – specifically – what his plan actually does. It’s as if liberals decided that no matter what was in his plan to save Medicare, they would claim he was trying to hurt seniors. It’s offensive, and disgraceful.

This may have been a loss for one party and a victory for another, but in reality, it was a loss for our legislative process and an even bigger loss for our children and grandchildren.

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