Obama to Businesses: “Step Up”

At a town hall meeting, President Obama told businesses they need to “step up” and hire more. He’s joking, right? Why doesn’t the White House “step up” and allow businesses to grow.

The Obama Administration’s clear anti-business agenda is what keeps companies from investing the over $2 trillion dollars they have on their books. Tax-and-spend-and-borrow policies have created financial uncertainty – no business in their right mind would invest under such circumstances.

During that town hall, President Obama told a laid-off government worker that there’s “nothing more important” than working for the government.  He then blamed the man’s situation on corporations.  Surprise, surprise.  The truth is, 418,000 government jobs have been added since the recession began.  So how is it private business’ fault that government employees don’t have jobs?

Obama believes that because companies are turning a profit, they should be hiring.  In theory that works, but under the current business climate it’s just not feasible.  Why invest when government is clearly looking to turn a profit anywhere they can?  If those companies invest the $2 trillion, government will find a way to tax them more.

Take oil companies, for instance.  Because they’re reporting record profits and gas prices are high (prices that are not set by oil companies), President Obama and his Administration believes these companies should be handing over their profits to the government.  The government then wants to take that money and subsidize alternative energy sources that aren’t making any money.

Now, businesses also have to fear reprisal from the National Labor Relations Board.  Their charge against Boeing for trying to open up a factory in South Carolina, a right-to-word state, instead of Washington State – a union state – lays the groundwork for a dangerous precedent.  If the NLRB can force Boeing to expand its business only in a unionized state, then it can tell any company to expand only in unionized states.  This is NOT how America works.  A company is free to grow their business wherever it is the most cost-effective and profitable.

With President Obama and his allies on the left constantly saying that “millionaires and billionaires” – which somehow includes people not making anywhere near a million dollars – it’s impossible for businesses to feel comfortable hiring workers.  With uncertainty for small businesses as to whether or not their taxes will go up, and with the Obama Administration flirting with a gasoline and miles tax – which will cause shipping costs to skyrocket – there is no reason for businesses to start hiring.

Taxes and unions aren’t the only obstacles to business development these days.  Government agencies such as the EPA create a regulatory atmosphere that limits growth.  A report by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform shows that businesses overwhelmingly blame the EPA for slowing business.  51% of those surveyed cited the agency, while the next highest blamed only garnered 8%.  This shows just how destructive the EPA is to our economy.  For many businesses, just building a new office building takes two years and a lot of red tape thanks to the EPA and it’s hold on Congress.

If the President truly wants businesses to “step up” and hire, maybe he should listen to their concerns and ensure that any money invested by these companies won’t be seized by the government.  The President and Congress need to “step up” and lower the corporate tax rate, dismiss the charges against Boeing so that no other company has to fear such a charge, roll back the EPA’s draconian regulations and stop his anti-business rhetoric.

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