NYT: OK to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

The New York Times posted an Editorial on Sunday that claimed the best thing for Senate Democrats to do was to stand for something. But stand for what? According to the editorial: raising taxes.

“Cutting back on the growth of health care costs is vital, but the job cannot be done without an increase in revenues, largely by raising taxes on the rich and to a lesser degree on the middle class. If Democratic lawmakers are not willing to make this obvious case to the public, they will never dismantle the Republican artillery.” (emphasis added)

Obvious case? I wasn’t aware that when politicians spend, spend, spend, the obvious solution is to tax the wealthy and the middle class. Politicians have been overspending for years and it has exploded under Democrat rule, but how can anyone suggest raising taxes on the people who were not responsible for the spending, in order to justify more spending?

The main formula of the article, cautious Democrats need to offer their solutions to counter the evil, dangerous solutions provided by those awful Republicans, continues to show just how partisan The New York Times has become. However, the article does raise a good point (in between constant repetitions of the lie that Ryan’s Medicare plan is “destructive,” or “famous for ending Medicare’s guarantee”) that Democrats need to present their own plan to rescue our economy, instead of just attacking and blocking every plan that Republicans offer.

Though the article mainly caudles Senate Democrats, it does rightfully warn them “the safe political path does not lead to progress.”

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