GOP: We Will Not Surrender

If you think one special election in New York will stop the Republicans from trying to save Medicare, think again. There were numerous reasons why Republicans lost the special election, and Medicare was just one of those reasons.

But keep this in mind: liberals own the media. Yes it is not total control; conservatives do have one of the 5 cable news networks, maybe a few of the hundreds of mainstream newspapers and, of course, talk radio. With all of what was against us, it’s no wonder that so many seniors over 55 believe the left’s lie that conservatives want to kill them. Which, by the way, makes the massive amount of Americans who disagree with Obamacare all the more impressive.

The problem with Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan to reshape Medicare is that he’s up against the wall. Liberals decided, probably before they even heard the details, that the plan would “end Medicare.” That doesn’t give conservatives an easy start. We now have to first correct the lies that have already become the gospel and then talk about the benefits of the plan and the dangers of not passing any reform, which the left now seem content with.

First to the lies. Polls for those retired or near-retirement (over 55) show that Medicare is a top priority. The fact that they’re against the Ryan plan shows that they believe the plan will affect them, which is not true. Those under 55 don’t really care yet.

Yet liberal after liberal is saying the plan will “end Medicare as we know it,” or “kill Medicare.” How can conservatives come back from such demagoguery?

By pointing out that liberals have no plan to save Medicare. They claim Obamacare was their plan. But they cut $500 billion and funneled it towards creating yet another bloated entitlement program – doomed to insolvency sometime in the future.

It seems the only plan that liberals have for saving Medicare is a bailout. Oh yes, bailout. They have now decided to make touching Medicare political suicide, which means nothing would get done until it’s about to go bankrupt. When that happens, they can justify a massive tax increase in order to pump money into the system all at once in order to save it. In other words: bailout.

Conservatives have their work cut out for them. Now that they know what they’re up against (a wall of liberal lies), they can begin reframing their argument and turn the conversation back on the Democrats. Again I ask, what plan do the Democrats have to save Medicare?

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