Driving the Week: Osama bin Laden Killed. Recess Ends. Debt Ceiling Debate Begins.

This morning, many Americans awoke to the news that America’s most wanted man, Osama bin Laden, was killed by the brave men of America’s special forces.  A job well done!

On the domestic front, the headline from CQ, an inside-the-beltway publication, says it all: Debate Over Debt Front and Center as Recess Ends.  Tonight, President Obama will host a bipartisan dinner with Congressional leaders to discuss the upcoming debt ceiling debate.

During the past two weeks, Members of Congress have been discussing that very subject with their constituents.  Many big-government liberals were hoping these townhall meetings would be conservatives’ Waterloo.  As Heritage Action’s CEO Michael Needham points out:

Many remember President Ronald Reagan’s famous axiom: When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat. Liberals are trying to bring the heat, but it’s hard to do because they do not see the light.

Conservatives not only see the light, but also they brought the heat last November. They understood big-government policies have brought our country to the edge.

Unfortunately, CQ also notes business leaders will be lobbying Republicans to raise the debt ceiling, with no strings attached.  Conservatives must push back, vigorously, against false claims of catastrophic economic collapse.

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