A Strong Conservative Stand on Spending

Yesterday, Congressman David Price (D-NC) proposed two amendments in the House Appropriations Committee markup that aimed to reverse spending cuts to FEMA’s firefighter grant program.

The amendments would have restored funding for firefighter grants and FEMA programs that were cut in a House Republicans Fiscal Year 2012 Homeland Security spending bill. These federal grants were used to purchase firefighting equipment and were supposed to reduce firefighter deaths and injuries.

However, The Heritage Foundation points out that grants like these “had no impact on fire casualties…fire departments that did not receive federal grants ‘were just as successful at preventing fire casualties as grant-funded fire departments…’”

Committee Republicans did the right thing by voting down an attempt to fund these ineffective grants. It shows that there are some members of Congress who believe in cutting waste from the federal budget and that local responsibilities should be left to local governments, which know that a one-size-fits-all solution is not productive.

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