Untangling the Spin: Shameless Blame Game!

Most Americans were not surprised by yesterday’s news that economic growth was slowing.  Many Americans would be surprised to know the economy is growing, period.  Skyrocketing gas prices, slumping home prices and presidential rhetoric about tax increases make job creation difficult to say the least.

But the big-government propagandists have come out with a new explanation: reduced government spending is to blame.  The Washington spin machine knows no bounds.

The Hill reports: A top economic aide to President Obama blamed reductions in government spending for a slowdown in U.S. economic growth in the first quarter.

In their mind, government spending equals economic prosperity.  The American people rejected that notion in November, after nearly two years of failed borrow-and-spend stimulus policies.

There is widespread agreement, both around the country and inside Washington, that government spending must be reduced.  Using the administration’s logic of more spending equals better economic growth, this should spell disaster for America’s economy.  Yet, the President’s top economic advisor says, “2012 and 2012 are still looking fairly positive.”

Unless President Obama and his team hope to increase spending, they are trying to have it both ways.  The American people deserve a bit more intellectual honesty from this administration.

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