Townhall Chaos Redux

After voting for the Ryan budget, Members of the House of Representatives went back to their districts for a two week recess. Because the budget proposed substantive change that would make Medicare sustainable in the long term, liberals began their spin campaign.

Now the left is looking for the kind of combative Youtube moments that came from the Pelosi-Reid push for Obamacare. Liberal groups and their Democratic allies are urging their supporters to attend town hall meetings and push misleading spin about the Ryan budget.

The Hill reported on the DCCC’s townhall campaign:

On Friday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee published a roundup of town-hall events titled “Town Hall Meeting Alert: House Republicans Under Fire For Voting to End Medicare.” The roundup described town halls around the country as ones where Republicans faced “tough questions” about their support for the Ryan budget.

While some of their activists are attending meetings and asking questions, the resulting moments haven’t risen to the level of the summer of 2009 Obamacare moments. Why? Probably because Representatives can respond with factual answers. When liberals ask, ‘why did you abolish Medicare’, the only answer is, ‘I didn’t.’

The Hill comments on the difference:

The town halls that liberal organizations and Democrats have been touting haven’t been nearly as crowded as those in 2009.

Unable to create the unrest Obamacare caused, liberal groups are turning to the airwaves to spread their misinformation.

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