The Spirit of Easter: Caring for People

Proponents of big government argue that without it, people who have fallen on hard times will be left to fend for themselves. The Lehigh Valley Tea Party of Pennsylvania, through their flash mob of kindness illustrate that this isn’t the case. As they gave away groceries to people in their community, they had experiences like this:

One recipient said, “God Bless You” to Anthony Campbell as she started to look through the bag. He smiled as he walked away because he heard her say, “Praise the Lord”.

Before government handouts, people took care of the less fortunate in their communities. What liberals don’t seem to understand is that no one needs to compel us to care for the less fortunate. The spirit of personal responsibility is absolutely compatible with charitable ideals.

True charity does not spring from government bureaucrats. Rather, it comes from the desire to do the right thing.


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