Take Action: Support Conservative Budgets [out of date]

Reckless spending has taken our country to the brink.  If Congress does not get serious about spending and make real reforms, America’s best day may be behind her.  To be clear, managing America’s decline is not an option.  We need to restore America’s greatness and we need to start now.

On Friday, the House of Representatives will vote on two budgets that would begin that process.  Both Fiscal Year 2012 budgets, one presented by the Republican Study Committee and the other by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI), would proposes sweeping changes that would set our nation on a more sustainable and prosperous course.  Both budgets make real spending cuts, reform entitlements, repeal Obamacare, cut taxes and rein in our intrusive federal government.

Those proposals stand in stark contrast to President Obama’s desire to strengthen Obamacare and raise taxes.  President Obama’s vision is one of collectivism. It is less about the individual and more about the greater society, so to speak. Americans are willing to fund the government’s essential responsibilities, like defending the country; however, they do not want to fund an army of bureaucrats who interfere with economic choices, education choices, energy choices, etc.

Americans must send an unmistakable signal to the Washington Establishment that they are serious about cutting spending and setting America on a more prosperous course.

Contact your Representatives and urge them to SUPPORT BOTH the Ryan budget and the RSC budget.

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