Senate Preserves EPA’s Global Warming Power Grab

In Harry Reid’s Senate, it’s rare to see recorded votes on important issues. Usually, important conservative policy priorities gets buried. Thus, the April 6th roll call vote on the EPA’s destructive global warming regulations is a sign that conservative pressure on Congress worked.

Unfortunately, the Senate rejected the EPA Amendment on a 50-50 vote. The McConnell Amendment needed 60 votes to proceed.

All but one Republican voted for the amendment, while most Democrats opposed it. Five Senators crossed party lines:

Voting yes: Manchin D-WV, Nelson D-NE, Pryor D-AR, Landrieu D-LA.
Voting no: Collins, R-ME.

The EPA’s power is not absolute. The American people rejected cap and trade – a fact recognized by the previous Democrat-dominated Congress. Among other efforts, including stringent oversight, the House is set to pass the Upton EPA Bill (HR 910), which is identical to the defeated Senate amendment.

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