Driving the Day: Spending and Defense

Last night, House Republicans introduced another stopgap funding measure, though this one came with a bit of a twist.  It would:

  • Fund the government for another week;
  • Continue to cut spending;
  • Prohibit federal and local funds from being used to provide abortions in D.C.; and,
  • Fund the military for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Yesterday, in his Townhall.com column, Heritage Action’s CEO Michael A. Needham called for just that:

We need to put our troops before Washington politics.

Although 2011 is much different than 1995, President Obama should follow President Clinton’s reluctant lead.  Pass a defense appropriations bill and put the troops ahead of politics.  Although the defense spending contained in H.R.1 is not ideal, it did provide funding for our military for the remainder of the year.  At a bare minimum, Congress should send that element of H.R.1 to the President’s desk, immediately.

We can fight about spending cuts, tax increases and entitlement reform all we want – and we need to – but we should make sure our troops are taken care of.

House Republicans view this as a last resort – a fallback if Senate Democrats and President Obama refuse to embrace serious reductions.  However, most observers know they are putting 2012 politics ahead of spending reductions.

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