Driving the Day: Shutdown Nears

We’re less than 15 hours before the government partially shutdowns.  According to Speaker John Boehner’s spokesman, the major issue is still spending cuts.  Meanwhile, Democrats insist the major hurdle is one over policy – i.e., abortion funding and the EPA’s backdoor energy tax.

As several inside-DC news outlets noted yesterday, Democrats have embraced policy riders in the past.  And as Senate Republicans pointed out, 49 of their Democrat colleagues have supported a bill with a similar abortion funding restriction and President Obama even signed such a bill.  When it comes to the EPA’s destructive global warming agenda, 64 Senators are on record expressing some form of opposition to those regulations.

Of course, our troops, who are engaged in three wars, will not be paid during the shutdown, even as they continue to serve the country.  Yesterday, the House passed a bill to keep the government open and provide funding to the military for the rest of the fiscal year. Unfortunately, President Obama threatened to veto the bill, calling it a distraction.

It’s time to get serious about spending.

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