Democrat Urges Overturn of Obamacare

Today, Missouri’s attorney general, Democrat Chris Koster, filed a “friend of the court brief” challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare.  Public support for repeal remains strong – never having dropped below 50% of likely voters.

Koster’s central argument was the individual mandate was unconstitutional; “a substantial blow to federalism and personal freedom,” he wrote.  Koster continued:

If Congress can force activity under the Commerce Clause, then it could force individuals to receive vaccinations or annual check-ups, undergo mammogram or prostate exams, or maintain a specific-body mass.

Missouri is a key swing state, which could possibly determe control of the U.S. Senate and the next occupant of the White House.  It is important to remember, Missouri voters soundly rejected Obamacare’s individual mandate last year.  With a vote stand along vote on repeal forthcoming in the Senate (thanks to the deal struck last Friday), the pressure is will be on.  At the very least, Americans will know where their Senators stand on the biggest threat to America’s individual liberty in generations.

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