Action Alert: Support Responsible Budget Votes [out of date]

On Friday, all but four Republican House Members supported the Ryan Budget. While the vote was along party lines, it sent a strong signal that the House is ready to take on the spending cuts and entitlement reforms America demanded in the 2010 election.

Did your Representative vote the right way? See the vote results here: House Roll Call Vote #277.

Heritage Action firmly supported both the Ryan and RSC budgets. Both cut spending, repealed Obamacare, and reduced taxes. These are the kinds of changes Washington needs to implement to get our country’s fiscal status back on track.

Both the Republican and RSC budgets stood in stark contrast to President Obama’s desire to strengthen Obamacare and raise taxes.  Americans are willing to fund the government’s essential responsibilities, like defending the country; however, they do not want to fund an army of bureaucrats who interfere with economic choices, education choices, energy choices, etc. As the competing visions of America becomes clearer, the American people must send an unmistakable signal to the Washington Establishment: get serious cutting spending.

Liberals are ramping up their normal smear campaign against the Republicans that voted for both budgets. Conservatives need to encourage their legislators for making the responsible choice. Now is also the time to hold Representatives accountable for voting the wrong way.

>> Email your Representative in support of responsible budget votes.

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